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Be The Word Ministry is devoted to helping individuals find their purpose and fulfill their destiny through the preaching of the Word of God, leadership conferences, personal prophecy, and Be the Word Kingdom Academy.

We believe everyone has the potential to be a leader when given the proper training and encouragement. With guidance and faith, anyone can discover their God-given purpose.

We appreciate your support of the ministry!

All donations directly fund the ministry as well as our mission trips and the villages that receive them. 

Your generous support enables us to continue our ministry in other third-world countries as God leads us. 

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We’re glad you’re here. Search around our website. BTW has training and events to help you fulfill your God given purpose.

Dr. Johnnie

Since I have started working with Dr. Johnnie and reading ‘Hidden Man”, my understanding of the Holy Spirit has really increased. My ability to hear the voice of God has intensified and so has my confidence that I do hear His voice.

Jan Miller

The difference between Dr. Blount and other coaches I have worked with is profound. He comes from a truly spiritual place, and he has helped me to utilize the knowledge that I have gained and apply it in a most spiritual manner.

Vernell Scott

My faith has increased 100%. I can believe and speak for things I never would have attempted before. I recognize God’s voice when I hear it and hear it more frequently, and now I know my purpose and calling.

Alice Hammond
Author of Living Beyond Present Circumstances