About Us

Be The Word Ministry is devoted to helping individuals find their purpose and fulfill their destiny through the preaching of the Word of God, leadership conferences, personal coaching, personal prophecy, and Be the Word Kingdom Academy.

We believe everyone has the potential to be a leader when given the proper training and encouragement. With guidance and faith, anyone can discover their God-given purpose.

Be the Word Ministry is headquartered in North Carolina, however, we are a ministry that travels throughout the United States and internationally.

“That something that you feel tugging at your heartstrings; that something that is missing, that is not fulfilled; that ache you have deep down on the inside, is purpose calling you and waiting to be discovered.” – Dr. Johnnie Blount

Dr. Johnnie Blount

Dr. Johnnie

As a visionary, Dr. Johnnie Blount is known internationally for his ability to guide individuals to spiritual maturity and revelation of the Kingdom of God. He is a dynamic speaker and author sharing the message of the Kingdom that Jesus came to reveal. Flowing in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, he serves others by ministering the power, love, grace, and truth in the Word of God.

Dr. Blount’s mission is to empower the believer to walk in the possibilities, purpose, provision, and revelation of the Kingdom principles. To accomplish this vision, Bridging the Gap Ministries has Be the Word Kingdom Academy, books, holds conferences, and travels throughout the United States as well as internationally.

Dr. Johnnie Blount has been ministering since he was 15 years old. Throughout his many years of ministry, he has been a pastor; established three (3) churches, and two Bible colleges. In ministering to the youth in Job Corps, he and his team led over 15,000 souls to salvation.

Dr. Johnnie and his wife, Donis, have been married since 1980 and have 4 children and 8 grandchildren and counting.