Hungry for More?

Have you been enjoying the words of encouragement in these blogs, or in our newsletter and nuggets? Does it make you hungry for more messages from Dr. Johnnie Blount ? 

We have good news! There is more where that came from. Each Tuesday from February to November, we have live Bible Studies. One in the morning at 9:30 am EDT, and in the evening at 7:00 pm EDT. That means we only have a few more in 2023! Our last Bible study of the year will be November 14, 2023. 

Facebook Live or Telephone Conference Call

We record the messages live on Facebook, so you can tune into Dr. Johnnie’s personal page We also have a telephone conference line for those without Facebook. (218-936-4932, enter the pin 1111#, then press * 6 to unmute yourself.) Not only will you receive a timely and powerful teaching from Dr. Johnnie, but you will also be able to participate and ask questions. 

Help Us Celebrate Dr. Johnnie’s Birthday November 2, 2023

To celebrate his birthday, Dr. Blount is doing a birthday fundraiser for Life Outreach International the ministry of James and Betty Robison. His goal is to donate a total of $2,000. This money will provide children with shoes, and also pay for corrective surgery for a child with a cleft palate or cleft lip. $1,000 purchases 275 pairs of shoes for children internationally. Doctors are able to perform the surgery to repair a cleft palate for $500, so he would also like provide two of those surgeries. Remember if we group together we can have a bigger impact. A gift of any amount will make a significant difference for these children.

Join us in celebrating Dr. Johnnie and blessing these children. To donate toward this effort, use our Push Pay link

Dates to Remember

Our last Bible Study of 2023 is November 14th. We are taking a break for the holidays from November through February. Our first Bible study of next year will be February 6th, 2024.

Also new in 2024 we will move the Facebook Live videos to the ministry Facebook page We look forward to seeing you there when we resume in February!

Treasures Stored on You Tube

Stay connected. Watch our videos on YouTube. Follow this link

In these archives you will see that Dr. Johnnie is often joined by his beautiful wife Donis. The two together offer many years of experience and practical knowledge of the Word and how to apply it to life. You don’t want to miss the nuggets of wisdom they share.

Dr. Johnnie and Donis Blount

In each Bible Study,  Dr. Johnnie delivers a fresh word from the Lord. He encourages and admonishes us to grow in our relationship with the Lord and with each other. He often reminds us that we are the answer to someone else’s prayers. Always remember to Be The Word!