A Birthday Tribute to Dr. Johnnie Blount

Dr. Johnnie Blount was born in Wilson, North Carolina. He has been in ministry since 1975. He moved to Kentucky as a teenager, to join the Job Corps. That’s where he met his wife, Donis (Dee) and they were married in August 1980. They now have four children and eight grandchildren.

Birthday Blessing

Dr. Johnnie is always thinking of others. For his birthday this year, he would like to raise $2,000 for Life Outreach International the ministry of James and Betty Robison. Two thousand dollars will provide shoes for 275 children in need, and also 2 corrective surgeries for those with a cleft palate. Please help us make a difference by donating. Follow the link ​​https://ppay.co/CCmbtq36Bkk . Thank you for helping us make an impact!

Meeting Dr. Johnnie

I have worked with and been friends with Dr. Johnnie since 1993. My admiration and respect has grown considerably for him over the years. I have seen him at his best and at his worst; yet, his best far outweighs his worst. I have never met anyone like him before and most likely will not ever again.  

Dr. Johnnie and I met when my pastor invited him to come speak at our church. Our pastor had heard him minister on the radio and was highly impressed. He preached profoundly, yet made it simple, and he was humorous to boot. I was also impressed, especially when he moved in the gift of prophecy.  I wish I could say I was thrilled when a situation caused me to begin attending his church, but I was not ready to leave my church. After only a few weeks I began to see that it was a good move and the rest is history.  

Making a Difference

There are so many things I have learned about him that I would like to share with you. In my first few years in his ministry he was focused on winning souls. So much so that we saw one thousand souls saved in 1997, two thousand in 1998, three thousand in 1999 and five thousand in the year 2000. That is when I learned how driven he is to make a difference in people’s lives.

He has accomplished so much that I hope I can do him justice by recalling them. He established three churches in the U.S. and many in Haiti and abroad, two Bible colleges, and Be The Word Kingdom Academy. btgacademy.thinkific.com Besides salvations, his ministry has seen thousands filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  He has authored two books with several more in progress. He has taken teams on many short term missionary trips to several countries and continues to fund ministries abroad. All of this is done while he travels the states holding events and conducting annual conferences.  

Weekly Bible Study

Dr. Johnnie also hosts weekly Bible Studies. Every Tuesday at 10:30 AM EDT, and 7:00 PM EDT he shares the Word of God with wisdom and passion for making a difference in the lives of others. We always have a contest to see which state or country will have the most people join us. To tune in, go to Dr. Johnnie’s personal page https://www.facebook.com/johnnie.blount. We also have a telephone conference line for those without Facebook. (218-936-4932, enter the pin 1111#)

Spread the Word Bible Study Invite Contest

The last Bible Study of this year will be November 14th, 2023. Dr. Johnnie would like to add the goal of more than 100 people in attendance, and is offering prizes for those who bring family and friends who are new to Bridging the Gap to the last Bible Study of the year. Those who bring the most new people to the Bible Study on November 14th will receive gift cards. First place is $100, second place is $50 and $25 for third place to those who have the most friends and family join the Bible Study. Remember we are looking for people who are new to the Bible Study.

He Loves God and Loves People

I have never met anyone with as much Godly wisdom and the ability to counsel as Dr. Johnnie has. I have studied him in action and even received it from time to time. His knowledge of the Word surpasses any pastor I have sat under, yet he is down to earth, funny, and fun-loving. He has become a loyal friend to me as I observed that he is to everyone he meets. He has proven how much he loves God by how much he loves people. 

Loves to Play Too

As hard as he ministers, he also plays with the same energy. He loves to hunt rabbits and deer, to fish both locally and deep sea fishing. You may also see him playing cards. If you watch closely you may catch him cheating, but you will soon discover that he is not seriously cheating, but doing it for laughs.  Horses are another passion of his, and he enjoys riding them. A cowboy at heart, occasionally he dresses accordingly. He looks like he’s in his element as he sports his cowboy hat, shirt, belt, and boots; and receives many compliments. 

Dr. Johnnie has some favorite things. Because he was born in North Carolina, he is a true Tar Heel fan. He often jokes that if you want to get to heaven you have to go through North Carolina, but he also loves the Pittsburgh Steelers. You can try all you want, but you won’t get him to change his mind about that. His favorite “religious” channel is ESPN.  If you are around him much you will hear him talk about another love: chicken. Fried, baked, broiled, smothered, or grilled; it doesn’t matter to him. He loves it anyway you fix it, and he loves to talk as much as he loves chicken.

I actually believe that talking is one of his gifts from God. So many people call to talk with him that I wouldn’t doubt if his phone would become engrafted into his hand. I don’t blame them for calling. He focuses on bringing out the best in people. When he talks I listen and learn. I am uplifted and inspired. He has caused ministry to burn in my heart. I have desired to and begun to minister like he does and for that I am very grateful.

Fulfilling His God Given Purpose

Dr. Johnnie’s desire is to fulfill his God given purpose and also to help others to fulfill theirs. His heartbeat is to teach the truth of the Kingdom of God and to dispel the lies that religion has told. His faith is contagious. He is a faith walker and a Word talker. I love how unique he is in that he goes against the grain. He gets out of the box and is not afraid to tell the truth even when it hurts; if he knows it will help. Dr. Johnnie is a pillar of strength and has changed my life from night to day and he has done the same for many. 

He is a Life Long Learner

One last thing that makes him special is that Dr. Johnnie is forever learning and growing in the knowledge of God by listening to audio sermons and watching videos of great speakers. He doesn’t let any grass grow under his feet, so I am excited to see where our ministry goes from here. There are a few sayings he says often. Besides “be the Word” and “whatever you do, be the best at it”, it is so uplifting to hear him say “the best is yet to come”. And I know it is. 

I will leave you with a portion of a poem I wrote to him for his birthday many years ago. 

You discern that you are different from most mankind;

You were born with the gift of sensing God’s mind.

Many can testify to the hand you’ve lent,

The growth they’ve achieved from the time you’ve spent.

For a lengthy train will form for miles back

To give an account of the selfishness you lack;

Of how much you did and said that moved

The hearts and lives of the people you knew.

If you’ve spent any time with Dr. Johnnie, then you can testify that he lives up to his name, which means “graced by God”.  It is easy to see that he has been graced by God and because he has been brought into our lives, we have been graced by God too.

Happy Birthday Dr. Johnnie! You are very much loved and appreciated by all.