Gratitude is an Attitude

Once a year

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays we celebrate as a nation, when we pause and say thanks for the blessings that rest on us all year long. One good thing about having a national holiday is that we take time to  look back at the season we’re in, and the year we have had. The world is setting aside one day a year to be thankful for what they have, but we’re not of this world. Our gratitude is an attitude.

Every day

As believers, gratitude is part of being a Christian. O Give thanks to the Lord for His mercies endure forever (Psalm 136:3). This is just a way of life for us. Like Jesus prayed, we daily express our thanks for provision, our health, and a sound mind. We’re grateful we are able to serve and worship freely without restrictions. Yet somehow we still take so many things for granted.


As a minister, I love to travel on missions to other countries. I love the people, and the different cultures, and of course the food. A hidden factor in missions is the impact it has on you and the way you think. When you go to other countries and see little children who don’t eat every day, it resets your mind, and you learn to appreciate what we have here every day. I remember being grateful for sidewalks and paved roads after mission trips.  We’re blessed to be in America, and have places to live, food to eat, and transportation in abundance. The good news is you don’t have to travel far to find things to be grateful for. Start with the basics, and don’t forget all of our “creature comforts”.


Saints the more thankful we are the easier life is for us. Gratitude is an attitude that we need to have regardless of circumstances. We must believe Romans 8:28, that God is working all things together for our good. When you believe this you understand that any negative situation will pass or change.

One benefit of gratitude is that it gives you courage and hope. We thank God that after a report two years ago that Ms. Dee would not live, she is here today! Despite the unfavorable reports from doctors that we have both had this year, and the treatments and travel we have had to do, we’re not sad. We’re not depressed. We are overcomers and we are thankful for this journey of faith. We are grateful we know the Great Physician, Jehovah Rapha!

Celebrating another year

Dr. Johnnie Blount and Donis Dee Blount

I’m thankful that Ms. Dee and I are doing well and celebrating another Thanksgiving with our family. We are certainly blessed and surrounded with blessings. Today we are able to celebrate and give thanks again, for another year.  And we are standing in faith for many more.

We are thankful for you!

We are so thankful for our friends and family and all who have shown their support. We are looking forward to 2024, knowing the best is yet to come.