How to Release the Power of God in Your Life

by Karen Sargent

The first step is to believe the Word is true for you

People often ask how they can demonstrate the power of God. The first step is to understand that as a believer, the power is already within you. Many believers struggle with the idea that they have the ability to demonstrate the supernatural because they don’t realize their part. The power must be activated and then released.

Romans 8:11 NKJV says, “But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.”

The first step is to believe the Word is true for you. Jesus said in Matthew 8:13, “As you have believed, be it unto you.” Remember to activate your faith. Meditate on the fact that the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead is living in you! 

The next step is ours

If we want the Holy Spirit to flow through us we must release Him. In order to see the power of the Holy Spirit, it’s important to look for opportunities to bridge the gap in the lives of others. I keep my antennas up so to speak. When a friend, coworker, or family member is facing difficulties in life, that’s our cue to step up. Motivated by love, when we speak to the mountain, pray for the sick, or lay hands on the afflicted, we release His power. We cannot expect unclean spirits to flee if we haven’t spoken to them and taken authority in the name of Jesus. 

Our faith must be activated by action

Our faith must be activated and corresponding actions taken for the Spirit’s power to manifest.

Consider the widow in 2 Kings 4 and her interactions with Elisha. She went to Elisha because she was close to losing her boys to slavery in order to pay her debt. That’s a desperate situation. The prophet asked her what she had in her house. Her reply was “Nothing, only a little jar of oil.” How many times have we underestimated what we have because it’s only a little? Elisha didn’t ask her how much she had, only what she had. We discount what we have because we see it as not enough. But in the hands of the Master it is more than enough

She had to be willing to use or give all that she had. Think about how much faith it took for her to gather the other vessels. It mentions that she had her sons get the vessels, like many of us, she might have been worried about what her neighbors would say.

After collecting the vessels, she closed the door as she was directed and poured the oil in private with her sons. One factor often overlooked is what we do in private makes a difference in how the Holy Spirit can flow through us. How we give our time and energy and the love we show when no one is looking is very important.  

The oil in the Old Testament represents the anointing or power of the Holy Spirit. Just like the miracle the widow saw, the power can only manifest if it’s being poured out or used.

Action Steps

Our steps are to build our faith first, then be aware of the needs of others, and respond with love and action. When we use what we have, and step out in faith, we see the power at work in our lives. 

Peter and John went to the temple and the crippled man asked them for alms. They gave what they had, and used their faith to command him to get up and walk in the name of Jesus. They activated their faith when they reached down to help him stand up. 

Real faith requires action. If you want to release the Holy Spirit, step out in faith and take action and watch what God can do.

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