Exciting News About Our New Course! 

by Karen Sargent

Be The Word Kingdom Academy will soon launch our fourth course called The Inspirational Gifts of the Holy Spirit. This 7 week course explores the inspirational or speaking gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they function. Our focus will be on the three Inspirational Gifts of the Holy Spirit: the Gift of Prophecy, the Gift of Tongues, and the Gift of Interpretation of Tongues. All of these gifts say something to reveal the purpose and will of God. 

Free live preview!

Our free live preview class will be Sunday March 3rd, 2024 at 6 pm EDT. Our live classes will continue each week through April 21st on Sundays at 6 pm with the exception of March 31st for Resurrection Sunday. Registration is now open! Go to btgacademy.thinkific.com to see this course as well as other options.

Why don’t we see the Holy Spirit move in many churches?

It is not common to see the gifts of the Holy Spirit functioning in our churches today. All too often the congregation and even pastors have not been taught how to flow in these gifts. Or if they understand and maybe even desire the gifts, they usually don’t give the Holy Spirit the opportunity to move. One reason is they are not clear about how to maintain order in the church when the Holy Spirit is moving. So, our newest course will shed light on what the Bible says about flowing in the gifts during a service.

Why learn more about these gifts? 

Are you hungry for more purpose in your life? Do you want God to use you to encourage, build up and comfort other believers? The information and answers you seek are right here. Our courses are designed for believers who are not satisfied with just attending church and gaining head knowledge. For this reason, these courses are advanced. If you are ready to go into all the world and share the gospel this class is for you. Do you desire to walk in the supernatural and see the manifestation of the Holy Spirit? Then our academy is here for you.

Clarity about the Inspirational Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Learn how to grow in your relationship with the Holy Spirit and your ability to hear His voice, because that is where flowing the gifts begins. By the end of this course you will have a better understanding of prophecy. You will know how it functions and distinguish the difference between prophecy and the other gifts of the spirit. Discover how to determine the difference between someone walking in the office of a prophet and someone who gives a prophecy also.  

Distinguish the difference

Did you know that a prophecy is not foretelling the future or revealing things about the present or the past? Confusing prophecy with the Gift of the Word of Wisdom or the Gift of the Word of Knowledge is common. Those are two of the revelation gifts of the Holy Spirit. So they are covered in our course Recognizing the Voice of the Holy Spirit, Where the Revelation Gifts Begin explores these gifts. Therefore, in our new course, two weeks will be dedicated to learning about the Gift of Prophecy.

Fresh revelation

We will reveal and explain common misunderstandings regarding these speaking gifts of the Holy Spirit. Another area of confusion is the Gift of Tongues. The Bible mentions three types of tongues, and each one has a different purpose. Explaining the types of tongues, their purposes as well as the public versus private use of this gift is another part of this course. In addition, you will know how the gift of interpretation of tongues functions and how and when it is appropriate to use this gift as well. 

What to expect from the class

We will have seven weekly one hour live sessions with Dr. Johnnie Blount. Packed with information and a built in discussion time, each class is powerful. Pre lesson questions get you started. Also study guides are given each week so you can follow lessons, and keep track of the scripture references. Each live session is recorded. Then the recordings will be posted in our class materials for you to view later. You will have access to our exclusive chat room where we can ask and answer questions between classes. 

You don’t want to miss it. The Holy Spirit is calling you into the deep. Are you ready to answer that call?

We are ready when you are

Finally, if you can’t make the live classes, remember they will be recorded and added to our course for later viewing. In addition, we also have three other courses available and the 2023 Birthing the Next Dimension Leadership Conference. We look forward to partnering with you on your journey into the supernatural.