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We are all on a lifelong journey of growing in our relationship with God, and Dr. Johnnie Blount can assist you along the way. Dr. Johnnie is a gifted teacher of the Word of God and flows in the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit. In these teachings, he guides people through practical application of the Word to discover God’s vision and purpose.

His focus is developing the body of Christ to maturity through understanding the Kingdom of God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.. This is accomplished through , discipleship, helping people discover their purpose and understand their authority, so that they can fulfill the call of God on their lives. Dr. Johnnie prioritizes academic learning and involvement in hands-on training and practical applications.

Check out some of our specific teachings below.

Be the Word Kingdom Academy

Have you accepted Christ into your heart, but do not understand what your purpose is or how to fulfill it? Kingdom Academy was made for you. Watch this space for more information on how to register for exciting opportunities to grow in the Word.

The focus of Kingdom Academy is to help people learn how to recognize, understand and demonstrate the supernatural—the work of the Holy Spirit. We are Spirit-filled, and Spirit-led to be set apart. It’s not just about information, but revelation and a passion for living intentionally and fulfilling God’s purpose.

To be a student, you must have a desire and hunger to live the Word, help others grasp the truth, and then spread the Word. Each course is offered virtually with the opportunity to participate in live video lessons.  After each lesson, students will have access to the recordings.

Walk in the Supernatural infographic

Course 1: Building Blocks to Walk in the Supernatural

Learn how to experience a life of Power and Authority! After taking this 6-week course, you will be able to recognize and walk in the supernatural. That means you will learn to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, assess a person’s spiritual needs, and then follow the guidance provided by the supernatural.

Walk in the Supernatural infographic

Course 3: The Power of the Holy Spirit

Be empowered as we dive into The Power Gifts of the Holy Spirit: the Gift of Faith, the Gift of Miracles and the Gifts of Healings.

Identify these most tangible gifts. Receive insight into how these gifts are demonstrated in scripture and how they operate today in the kingdom and our own lives.

Holy Spirit infographic

Course 2: Recognizing the Voice of the Holy Spirit

Learn the value of recognizing the voice of the Holy Spirit in this eight week course. This is so important because each of the gifts of the Holy Spirit requires that one hears His voice. Each of the Revelation Gifts of the Holy Spirit will be studied for two lessons.

Prepare to step into and thrive in your calling when you gain a deeper insight into the gifts of the Word of Knowledge, the Word of Wisdom, and the Discerning of Spirits.

Walk in the Supernatural infographic

Course 4: The Inspirational Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Receive clarity of the Inspirational Gifts of the Holy Spirit which are The Gift of Prophecy, The Gift of Tongues, and The Gift of Interpretation of Tongues.

 We reveal and explain how these gifts function along with common misunderstandings regarding these speaking gifts.


“Somebody Say Glory!  God bless you, brother Johnny, for sharing His Word.  I love it!!!!!!

Alphonso Bailey

“Your scriptures inspire me to do good every day and love God, for He is our Father. Thanks, Johnnie.”


“Thanks, Dr. Blount.  Your nuggets have been a lifter of my soul!”

Vanessa Jones

“Thank you!  I always read everything you say twice. I want to retain every word.”

Julie Lohmeyer Givens


“Such a good, good Word. I hope people are getting the truth you are imparting to us and walking in more victory. You sure tell us how… and always backed up by ‘The WORD!’ Praise the LORD!”

Lu Shanks

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