Announcing Our New Name- Be The Word Ministry!

I have an exciting announcement! Bridging the Gap Ministries has officially changed our name from Bridging the Gap to Be the Word Ministry. We are so excited about this! 

Be the Word began years ago

Some years ago, when I was reading John 1:1, the Holy Spirit spoke to me about Being the Word . It was a still small voice in my heart, in my spirit. The Holy Spirit told me then, that we were going to change the name of the ministry.

More than just a name

And I knew it was not just about changing the name.  Because the Lord said, You’re going to demonstrate being the Word. When Jesus was on the earth, He was the demonstration of the Father.  He demonstrated the love of the Father. So, now it’s our turn. With our ministry, God has called us to help bring the body of Christ to maturity. 

Taking it from where we started 

For all of you that have known me for years, you know that our ministry keeps evolving. We pastored at one time, and in our ministry we’ve seen thousands of people receive salvation. In one year, our last year with the Job Corps, we saw 5,000 people receive salvation. We have had a Bible school. We have established churches in Kentucky. We have missions in several different countries, Uganda, Brazil, and Haiti to name a few. 

Be The Word is a new phase

Now the Holy Spirit has charged me in this phase of our ministry to help bring the body of Christ from childhood to adulthood. Our focus is to help people to discover their purpose. Then to equip them to walk in it and fulfill the call of God on their life. It’s important to partner with people in this time of our ministry, this is what the Lord had asked me to do.

It was clear to me that it’s not just about telling them. This is a time of more than just preaching it and teaching it to the believers,, but then taking them by the hand and walking with them. In 2023 we established the BeThe Word Kingdom Academy for that reason. Our purpose with the school is to partner with Christians that are hungry for more. 

Our assignment is to help bring the body of Christ into its fullness. It’s our goal to teach them about the supernatural, and how to walk in it. We teach them the building blocks to walk in the supernatural. Another course we have is about how to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit. That is the key to the other gifts of the Holy Spirit, and how to be led by the Holy Spirit. So you can preach to people or you can teach them, but the key is partnership and discipleship. 

So, as I always say, Be The Word. As Be The Word Ministry, we’re going to take people by the hands and we’re going to help them to fulfill their ministry and help them to discover their purpose. We look forward to the journey ahead with you!