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Are you searching or confused?

Have you been left confused by the headlines or things you see in daily life? Are you searching for someone with perspective and wisdom and don’t know who to ask? Ask Dr. J!

 Do you have questions about the Bible or need spiritual direction?   Sometimes, we need to know we can reach out to a person who is safe, who won’t judge, and also has wise answers.  Most of all we want to hear from God. Yet we may need outside help discovering or confirming  what God is saying.

What questions do you have?

How can Dr. Johnnie assist you and shed light on your topic? Whether you need information, godly advice, or guidance, Dr. Johnnie is ready to listen and respond. No subjects are off limits, and you can remain anonymous if desired.

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We are giving you the opportunity to Ask Dr. Johnnie, Spiritual Leader, Prophet and Man of God. He has over 30 years of experience as a pastor, counselor, mentor, and minister. The Kingdom teaching and wise answers you are seeking are here. 

You can help others

Sometimes we have questions about how to handle situations in our lives or we know others who are struggling. Not only will you get answers, but you will also help others who have been wondering about the same topics. 

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After submitting your question using this form, tune into our Tuesday Bible Study, and then listen for Dr. Johnnie’s responses. 

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