Dr. Blount Honored to be Minister of the Day at the Indiana Statehouse

by Kayla Kennada

Iron sharpens iron

The Word says that iron sharpens iron in Proverbs 27:17. In the same way people sharpen people. We all have knowledge, but no two of us have the same knowledge. I am knowledgeable in certain areas. But when I need knowledge in another area I have to turn to someone who has that area of expertise. Each of us only knows in part.

Inspiring friendships

We minister to and inspire thousands of people. Some of them minister to and inspire us in return. Maureen Sims-Strong (picture below) is one of those people. Because she follows and supports our ministry and is dynamic at anything she does, she sharpens us.

This lovely, boisterous, politically involved lady was instrumental in Dr. Johnnie receiving an invitation to be the Minister of the Day at the Indiana Statehouse. With that being said, he presented the opening prayer for the House of Representatives Session at the Capitol Building in Indianapolis on March 6th, 2024. 

Not a coincidence

It is no coincidence that this happened at the same time Dr. Johnnie and I are writing a book about the church. We  just finished a  chapter concerning Christians getting involved in government! It’s especially timely when I recently prayed and told the Lord that we need to do something to help change this nation. 

Exciting possibilities

As Dr. Johnnie, Maureen, and I arrived, we were excited about the possibilities of who we would meet and what doors would be opened for us there. We met several district representatives, including the representative for the area where Dr. Johnnie lives. We also found out they are neighbors!

What an honor and a privilege it was to be in the chamber where decisions concerning our state are made. Yet, how much more significant it was for Dr. Johnnie to open the legislative session with prayer. 

I recall the prayers I used to pray when I was in religion that didn’t produce results. Dr. Johnnie’s teaching on prayer had a profound impact on my prayer life as I learned about the Kingdom’s operation and its techniques of effective prayer. His insights helped me understand the significance of prayer and how to engage with it more effectively, which has enriched my life. 

The prayer affected many

His positive prayer touched many in the room. Some related to him afterward how he prayed the most powerful prayer that they have ever heard there. Knowing that there were different religions represented in the room, it was a blessing for me to hear their resounding Amen. 

Keep the faith

Hebrews 11:1 starts out with “Now faith is”. So, now it is our faith that the Word is directing our paths. So we can walk in His purpose. We don’t know what tomorrow holds, but the important thing to know is Who holds tomorrow.