You can now purchase Dr. Johnnie’s book, Be the Word! 99 Nuggets to Build your Faith. This is a collection of nuggets specifically chosen to help build your faith.  

Keep this book close to you for encouraging and strengthening word at your fingertips!

Hear what the readers have to say:

  • “Thank you!  I always read everything you say twice. I want to retain every word.” – Julie Lohmeyer Givens
  • “Thanks, Dr. Blount.  Your nuggets have been a lifter of my soul!” – Vanessa Jones
  • “Your scriptures inspire me to do good every day and love God, for He is our Father. Thanks, Johnnie.” – Blake 
  • “Such a good, good Word. I hope people are getting the truth you are imparting to us and walking in more victory. You sure tell us how… and always backed up by ‘The WORD!’ Praise the LORD!” – Lu Shanks

Be the Word! is available in paperback for $10 + $5 shipping.  To purchase, click BUY to be taken to the payment page. (Note:  You will need to input your purchase amount of $15.)

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